Spanish/English translation
and visual communication for films.

Springboard was created to facilitate Latin American filmmakers’ access to foreign funding and opportunities by providing them with an impeccably translated and well-designed presentation of their ideas.


Allison Fritz


Allison is a Spanish-to-English translator with more than 10 years of experience in the creative industries and international development. She is a member of the American Translators Association and is certified by the ATA for translation from Spanish into English. She is also a sworn translator registered with the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de Buenos Aires. She has translated numerous screenplays, audio documentaries and books, and her translations have been used to secure funding for non-profits organizations throughout Latin America. Originally from Michigan, Allison lived in Chile and Argentina for a total of 11 years.

Pablo Castro

creative director

Pablo is a Chilean storyteller and visual artist. During the 10 years he lived in Argentina, he studied screenwriting with Oscar-award-winning filmmakers Juan José Campanella and Aída Bortnik. There, he also worked for the digital marketing agency Backstory Contenidos, where he developed creative content for History Channel LATAM, A&E LATAM, FOX LATAM and other channels and brands. He has written a number of film and TV scripts, and his short stories have been published in Chile and the U.S.


Film Proposal

We translate the content of your proposal (screenplay, synopsis, logline, treatment, character descriptions) so that you can take the next step, whether that’s workshopping your idea or applying for funding.

Legal for Films

We help you work out the details of your collaborations  by translating confidentiality agreements, management team resumes, production plans, financial plans, and more.

Press kit for films

We create hype for your film by translating press releases, advertising campaigns and interviews with actors and directors.


Proposal Design

We design pitch decks that are visually attractive and representative of your story.

Visual concept

We design professional storyboards and animatics to help others visualize your film.

Social media

We design and adapt audiovisual clips from your movie for promotional campaigns on social media.


Client Photo
JAVIER LOURENÇO Flamboyant Paradise

“Allison and Pablo translated a short I wrote in Spanish. With Pablo being a screenwriter and Allison being an American translator, together they make an exceptional duo. They found the right tone and the exact words for every scene. For the first time, I didn't have to change a single word or phrase in the translation. I recently chose to work with them again to translate a feature film script. I highly recommend them.”

Client Photo
BERNABÉ BOTTE Director, Backstory Contenidos

“Finding a good translator is a difficult task; finding a great screenplay translator is an almost impossible one. Fortunately, El Mal Soltero ended up in the hands of Allison and Pablo. Their translation was key to our participation in contests that resulted in the sale and production of the film. ”


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